This day and age every second person are working / studying from home, the use of mobiles and laptops have become an indispensable part of our existence.

According to research, a working person spends nearly 5 hours in a day on the electronic gadgets be it laptop, tv, tabs, mobiles. Not only this results in increasing working hours from home, but also reduced personal life, along with a huge negative impact on your eyes. All this screen time increases strain on eyes and causes eye irritation, dryness. In fact, dry eyes and eye strain have become so common that researchers have coined a term for it, COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME (CVS).


“CVS is an eye condition commonly experienced after staring at a computer screen for an extended period of time.” It is characterized by eye strain and dry eyes. Because more people study and work from home as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic, eye doctors are reporting a substantial rise in the number of adults and children unveiling these symptoms-
1. Red, dry eyes
2. Burning and watery eyes
3. Blurred vision
4. Sensitivity to light

Working from home can lead to increased screen time due to following reasons-
You don’t have to commute, so you get straight to work after waking up.
You are staring at your screen and reply at all your emails almost at once and sitting for longer period of time because there is no place to go.
You are no longer called for personal meetings at office.
No more interruptions from colleagues for coffee or tea breaks.
Helping your kids with their online classes and activities.

Even before the end of the day your eyes become tired, strained, dry and even red. The good news is that you can relieve all these symptoms with the help of an eye drops. HYDROUS EYE DROPS AND HYDROUS-T EYE DROPS from Optho Life Science (OLS) plays a supreme role here in reducing eye fatigue, providing soothing effect from burning sensation and discomfort and at the same time offering maximum hydration to the eyes.

Apart from the above remedy, CVS can be effectively managed with a few simple adjustments in your screen time. A few tips for the same are as under-

Take breaks.Follow the 20-20-20 rule to stop staring at your screen for a longer time span. Take a break from your workstation for 20 seconds, every 20 minutes, and look at something at least 20 feet away.
Use a cool-air humidifier.A humidifier adds moisture to the air and prevents your eyes from drying out by hydrating them.
Reduce glare.One coveted thing that your home has that office doesn’t is the sunlight. The natural light puts less pressure on your eyes as compared to the artificial fluorescent office lightings. Your eyes work harder to read when there is glare reflecting off your screen. Make sure your screen is placed in a way that stops glare from windows. You can also put a glare filter for eye ease.
Get computer glasses.Computer glasses allow your eyes to focus on a computer screen with less effort and the blue-light filter may also reduce exposure to possibly harmful blue light emitted by digital devices. Also, blinking at regular intervals prevents eyes from being dry and irritated. Most importantly, while staying at and working from home during this hard time, give yourself a mental break. Taking care of yourself and your loved ones must be the topmost priority.

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